Tulis McCall

NY Wedding Officiant

“Dear Tulis, I don’t use the word perfect that often but perfect is what our ceremony was. ” – Susan and Bobby


Petite Wedding - New York Wedding Officiant


Just the two of you?  This is an elegant ceremony that beautifully covers the critical details, and will open the gate to your married life perfectly.


Custom Wedding - New York Wedding Officiant


You are a couple who wants to work in detailed partnership with your celebrant to create a ceremony that tells your story, supports your vision, and is a lifelong gift to your family and friends.

White Glove

White Glove - New York Wedding Officiant

White Glove

You have seen it all and done it all. Now you want someone else to do the heavy lifting. Whatever date you choose, I will be 100% available for the entire day. I bring my decade of experience to satisfy your every ceremony wish.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” — DR. SEUSS

Our Collaboration

YOUR GUESTS, years from now, may not remember the food, or the music, or the flowers but they WILL remember your ceremony. That is because the ceremony we create together is a gift for them. We begin with the question that no one ever asks: Why are you getting married? The answer to this is a magic carpet. Ready for the ride?

Are You Being Served?

IT IS SO EASY to get lost in the swarm of wedding logistics. With all the vendors, details, family and friends swirling about – who will take care of you? I will. As your celebrant I help you focus on, and perhaps rediscover, the pot of gold that is your relationship. That connection you share with no one else in the world. Once you do that, I am there to serve as your scribe and spokesperson. The result is a ceremony that will reflect your love, your style and your dreams.

Your Ceremony

YOU WANT your ceremony to be the center of your wedding day.  Whether it is an elaborate event that you have been planning it for months or it is an impromptu event with you, two witnesses and your sweet dog.  You arrive as beloved ones, and in the time that you move through your ceremony you are transformed into a married couple. You want to experience the full depth and joy of this moment.

Let's talk about what we can create together

Couples’ Reviews

John and Randy

Tulis was AMAZING! She basically came in and saved the day, because our original officiant wasn't able to do it. She was very responsive and our Skype interview with her was like another premarital counseling. She really makes you think about what you love and why you...

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