And so it came to pass that Edward planned his proposal.  He chose February as the month and the scene of their meeting, San Francisco, as the place.  He contrived an elaborate fake party with his friend John that even included a fake email invitation.  Edward did not do so well with the weather, however, which was cold and wet when they arrived.    He had decided he didn’t want to propose on Valentines Day, so Friday the 13th it was.  When the rain slowed, they took the trolley to the Marina for a walk along the water, just short of the Golden Gate Bridge, a beautiful beach.  It started drizzling, and there was no one around.  Victoria said she thought it was romantic.  Edward took that as his opportunity – told her he loved her, and didn’t want to be without her, took a knee – and Victoria, who couldn’t believe this was actually happening, screamed and ran away.  This left Edward kneeling in a puddle in the rain.  Where he stayed until Victoria returned and said Yes. 

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