Choosing a celebrant is a personal decision that depends on a host of variables – just like life, right?  So...
What is your background?

My training is as an actor and writer.  Using these tools makes me a Celebrant who can easily and quickly create an atmosphere of joy and trust in a wedding ceremony.

Why did you become a wedding celebrant?

Frankly, I had been to enough dry and listless ceremonies to drive me nuts. There were more than one where the officiant forgot the name of the couple or never referred to them by name.  Horrible!!


People come to a wedding ceremony hoping to be connected to the wedding couple on what I call a cellular level.  And we want to be connected to one another as well.

That is the purpose of a ceremony.

I knew I could make that happen.  I knew I could be the conduit between a bridal couple and their guests, and that it would be a way to serve everyone.

So I looked and looked – but could find no way, other than attending a formal seminary.  UNTIL…..

How and when did you become a wedding celebrant?

In 2004, I heard an interview with Charlotte Eulette of the Celebrant USA Foundation on NPR.  Charlotte’s enthusiasm for her work leaped out of the radio as she explained that the purpose of the Foundation was to train people in the art of creating ceremonies.  They called their graduates Celebrants.  One of the courses she mentioned was the training to become a Wedding Celebrant.  I enrolled that spring.


I discovered that being a Celebrant was a natural fit in so many ways.  With a background in theatre I understand how to include everyone in the room and turn the gathering into an event that is spiritual without being specifically religious.

Ten years later I still love this work!

What is your process?

I have created a unique process that I invite you to experience. It is my way of giving you a preview of what your ceremony can be.

First – We schedule a 45 minute meeting for the three of us.  If you are not in Manhattan we can do this via Skype or other Internet services.  So that I may focus completely on you, I will email you a short questionnaire prior to the meeting.

Second – When we meet, I map out our time so that you can easily dip your toe into the experience of an authentic ceremony that comes from the heart. Namely your heart. This meeting is not just a drive-thru.  I ask the questions that no one else may have asked, because I know that your ceremony is a place where we explore the magic elixir that is particular to you.  Be prepared to reflect on what you didn’t know you knew.  And maybe have a little fun.

Third – If we feel we are a fit, we will then discuss the packages that I offer and which might suit you best  At that time I will share with you the other steps of my process and we start our journey together right away.

What are your ceremony types and fees?

My Speciality – White Glove Ceremony (ALL TULIS ALL THE TIME)

You have seen it all and done it allNow you want someone else to do the heavy lifting. Whatever date you choose, I will be 100% available for the entire day. I bring my decade of experience to satisfy your every ceremony wish. We will use my White Glove Questionnaire to craft your unique ceremony, including your vows as well as personal rituals that involve your family and friends

Custom Ceremonies ($1090 – $1810)

You are a couple who wants to work in detailed partnership with your celebrant to create a ceremony that supports your vision and will be a life-long gift to your family and friends. This ceremony utilizes the Classic Couple’s Questionnaire.

Petite Ceremony ($550 – $820)

Petite Ceremonies performed weekdays and on weekends before 4:00 PM.

You want a ceremony that is brief as well as engaging. Perhaps you have just decided now is the time and you want to be married as soon as possible without a lot of fuss and planning. Perhaps you want a ceremony without a lot of guests. Like perhaps NONE.

You, however, don’t want to go to City Hall.  Feh on City Hall.

Elopements/No frills   ($275)

Simple, simple, simple ceremonies in my office.

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